It's not an event if it's not a True Luxe Event

Planners, Dream Makers, Trend Setters


 Your Master Planner and Coordinator 

Michael brings the FAB to all of his fabulous weddings. Branded as your Wedding Fairy Godfather he will guide and help your wedding dreams come true. Michael is a dynamic planner and coordinator because with a waive of his wand and a little sprinkle of love, you know you're going to have a ball. 

Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Favorite TV Show: Flea Market Flip

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Artist: Adele

Favorite Musical: Wicked

Hobby: Singing

Motivation: My Husband and Family

Favorite Sport: Shopping

What do you love about weddings and events?

Seeing my couples and clients smile because they are having the time of their life. 


 Your Master C​oordinator ​

Ena has been working with True Luxe Events since day one. Her bubbly personality and attention to detail is what makes her a dynamic coordinator. With Ena coordinating your wedding or event, you are always in good hands. 

A little about Ena: 

Favorite Movie: 50 First Dates 

Favorite TV Show: G.O.T 

Favorite Color: Lavender 

Favorite Drink: Irish Mule 

Favorite Food: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo 

Hobby: Gym, Dancing, Hiking 

Motivation: My Husband and Son 

Favorite Sport: Football 

What do you love about weddings or events? 

Being able to bring our couples and clients visions to life, while creating an everlasting memory that they will never forget. 


 Your Master Coordinator

Krystle is creative, innovative and has a passion for events and weddings. Her willingness to help in ​anyway she can makes her a dynamic coordinator because she will go above and beyond to ensure the event is perfect. 

A little about Krystle

Favorite Movie: Dear John

Favorite Tv Show: S.W.A.T.

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Drink: Honey Citrus Tea

Favorite Food: Shrimp Curry

Favorite Artist: Bruno Mars/Ed Sheeran

Favorite Musical: The Greatest Showman

Hobby: trying new things

Motivations: My Husband and our two beautiful kids

Favorite Sport: Retail Therapy

What do you love about weddings and events? I love helping people experience the best day of their lives for memories that will last a lifetime. 


   Your Coordinator

Bonnie has a background in dance and because of that her ability to think quick is what makes her a dynamic coordinator.  If something is going wrong, Bonnie is able to make those quick decisions that will save your event. 

A little about Bonnie : 

Favorite movie: Harry Potter

Favorite TV series: Charmed

Favorite color: Seafoam 

Favorite Drink: Ginger ale

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Artist: SHINee

Favorite Musical: Rent

Favorite Hobby: Dancing

Favorite Quote: "Dreams inspire reality."

What do you love about weddings and events? Being able to be creative and see the look on my clients face when they are in love with how beautiful the ballroom looks. 


   Your Coordinator

Jessica's vibrant personality and attention to detail makes her a dynamic coordinator. Ensuring every detail is in place, Jessica will ensure your event is fabulous and no glass or fork is out of place. 

A little about Jessica 

Favorite movie:13 going on 30

Favorite Tv show: One Tree Hill

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food:Cheeseburger

Favorite Drink: Iced Coffee

Favorite Singer:Taylor Swift

Favorite Hobby: Shopping

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Motivation: My Family and my passion for events

What do you love about wedding and events?

Making someone’s most important day so special and stress free. I love exceeding couples expectations and how happy they are makes it all worth it!


   Your Assistant Coordinator

With a background in ROTC Matthew will ensure your event is running on time.  His ability to keep an event on time is what makes him a dynamic coordinator. Our clients feel better knowing that if things take longer than usual, Matthew will be there to get them on track. 

A little about Matthew 

Favorite Movie: Iron Man 

Favorite Tv show: That 70's Show 

Favorite Color: Blue 

Favorite Food: Thai Food 

Favorite Drink: Ice Tea 

Favorite Singer: Burno Mars 

Favorite Hobby: Drawing 

Favorite Sport: Tennis 

Motivation: To learn and grow personally and professionally 

What do you love about wedding and events?

The fact that the clients never see what's "behind the curtains" when setting up an event, and they get to experience all of our hard work.